The internet is an incredible tool.  It can connect people on opposite sides of the world and be used to communicate on a vast scale, easily and cheaply.  In such a world, with digital marketing budgets growing by the year, it is often easy to overlook the value of face-to-face meetings.


Doing so could be a costly mistake. There is a reason that, in this age of skype and email, political and business leaders still travel thousands of miles to shake hands.


Better communication

Human beings are naturally geared towards meeting in the flesh, after all, we’ve been doing so far longer than we’ve been meeting online. Sometimes, email simply doesn’t cut it.


Communication is more than just the words you use. Your tone of voice is important, but even more so is your body language. No matter how brilliantly devised, your online digital marketing will never be able to convey the subtlety available in real life.


An enormous amount of a successful digital marketing strategy is about instilling trust and confidence. Why then would you sacrifice that clarity in dealing with potential leads?


Faces to names

People tend to remember faces better than they do names. In evolutionary terms, humans haven’t been playing with language for very long, but images have been around since the first eye opened.


The value of putting your face to a name in someone’s mind cannot be overestimated. It’s essentially for the same reason why companies invest so much in strong visual branding.  However, beyond that you can associate yourself with all kinds of positive reinforcements.  Even a simple handshake can work wonders in building a positive and trusted image of you in the minds of leads.


Honestly though, this doesn’t begin to cover the enormous advantages instilled through face to face meetings. 95% of professionals believe face to face meetings are essential to building a long term business relationship.


We may spend a lot of time in the virtual world but it’s the real world that we actually live in.