Digital marketing continues to evolve rapidly, and it becomes more important year after year. The internet has transformed both the way companies generate leads and the nature of those leads. Information is so readily accessible online that customers are increasingly educated about what they want. If you can be part of that education, you’ll soon be generating leads your sales team can convert into customers.


It’s about building trust

In the ‘good old days’ of lead generation, sales teams could expect buyers to be very open about their choice of product. The internet has changed that; it is now easy for potential leads to educate themselves in what they are buying and to develop strong preferences. It is therefore important for your digital marketing strategy to involve itself in that process.


Online content such as blogs, interactions on social media, and even hosting webinars can all help educate potential leads.  Through this education you’ll begin to build bonds of trust with your new leads, which will give your sales team an easier job in the long-run.


Bringing them to you

The obvious challenge when trying to be part of the education process is how to get your content to stand out from the sheer volume of information produced every day. Ensuring your website is Search Engine Optimised is vital to maximise your visibility and bring new leads to your site.  Advertising on social media, or with pay-per-click advertisements can also help draw leads to you.


Set up your landing page with a host of ways new leads can interact with it.  Links to your blog can help begin the process of building trust. Offering Calls-to-Action can engage new leads and encourage them to return.


This way your lead generation can create an engaged potential customer, and make life much easier for your sales team.