Your sales team might be able to sell honey to bees, but they can’t do anything if the hive is empty. Focusing your digital marketing strategy around lead generation will help keep your sales team from twiddling their thumbs. Focusing it right will ensure those leads are relevant, giving you a high conversion rate and keeping your sales team happy.


Here are three tips to keep your sales team feeling chipper.


The website

We’re not just saying to have one, that’s (hopefully) a given. A good website can convert between 7% and 14% of visitors, but it isn’t all about looking beautiful. Your website needs to make it easy for potential leads to engage with, and in so doing, become engaged with you. In particular, your landing page should have plenty of clear Calls-to-Action (CTAs). Make it easy for them to follow you on social media, or to subscribe to a mailing list, or your blog. The more opportunities they have to engage with, the more they are likely to come back, and the more likely you are to convert those leads into customers.



Your website may make you feel like a new parent. Look what you made! Bright, colourful, lovingly crafted. That’s great, but it’s no good if people can’t find it. You’ve got to make sure your site is optimised for search engines to find. Choose some keywords that fit into your business model and apply generously. You’ll be generating leads in no time.


Content Syndication

It isn’t just about search engines. Getting your content hosted on other websites is another great way to bring in leads. Buyers often begin educating themselves long before they are ready to buy. Hosting your blogs, articles or press releases on content syndicators allows you to get in on that process of education.  You can then funnel those people onto your main website, generating engaged leads who are ready for your sales team.