Today’s consumer is an entirely different beast from the consumer of old – as technology constantly advances, the demands of the customer advance with it.

One thing that hasn’t changed though: The importance of lead generation. These are our three top tips to maximise your lead generation in 2017.



Blogs are an incredible tool to connect with a potential customer base and to generate new leads. They can draw new customers from search engines and allow you to build trust with your readers. Once you’ve got the lead, you need to make sure you give them plenty of opportunity to engage further. Give them Calls-to-Action (CTAs) that fit with the rest of your digital marketing strategy – like following your social channels or even just subscribing to the blog – ensuring they come back another day.


Social media

Everyone in digital marketing knows social media is vital for lead generation but most only use it as a broadcast tool. This squanders its full potential, especially in a B2B model. Like blogging, social media can be used to build trust with potential leads. LinkedIn can be especially useful; just find a few groups where potential leads congregate and talk. Ask and answer questions and you’ll soon build trust and leads.


Real life

No matter how wonderful the internet may be, sometimes you just can’t beat the real world. Used together with an active digital marketing campaign, face to face contact can help build trust with potential leads.  Blogging can build trust, but real world conferences can take it to another level. LinkedIn can help you network within your field and when you get to a conference, people will be looking out for you. Find the right combination and you could send lead generation through the roof.