Windows Server 2012
Businesses and individuals should expect to benefit from the power of the cloud without compromising the privacy, security, or control they expect from the software they already use. Microsoft, with more than 20 years of experience creating business software, and almost 15 years of experience with cloud computing, is completely committed to the cloud. Most of our widely used products are already available in the cloud today.
Looking for the flexibility of a private cloud, implementing solutions in a virtualized environment is not enough. Windows Server 2012 lets you go beyond virtualization to deploy and more securely connect to private clouds in a flexible IT environment that adapts dynamically to changing business needs. New and enhanced features provide high performance and scalability to enable a truly multitenant infrastructure where networking, compute, and storage resources are isolated among tenants on the same host.
Microsoft System Center 2012 is a comprehensive management platform that enables you to more easily and efficiently manage your IT environments. With System Center 2012, you get the most cost effective and flexible platform for managing your traditional datacentres, private & public clouds, and client computers & devices. System Center 2012 is the only unified management platform where you can manage multiple hypervisors, physical & virtual resources, and applications in a single offering.
Windows Server, Windows Azure and System Center offers the flexibility to build infrastructure across premises on an open, scalable, and elastic web and application platform. This provides one consistent proven application and web platform that includes thousands of applications already built and deployed
Cloud optimized IT supports a mobile and flexible work style that gives people access to information and data regardless of the infrastructure, network, device, or application in use. It also supports robust information governance and compliance with regulations—key areas that organizations need to control. Windows Server, Windows Azure and System Center 2012 empowers IT to provide users with flexible access to data and applications from virtually anywhere, on popular devices—all with a rich user experience. It also simplifies management and improves data security, control, and compliance.
When it comes to building a private cloud, offering cloud services, or connecting more securely to public services, the message is clear: Your organization needs a consistent, integrated approach that helps you solve fundamental business and IT challenges. You need the assurance that a growing set of devices can take advantage of new applications and services that can be deployed on-premises and in public cloud environments. Using a Hybrid IT solution from Microsoft to cloud optimize your IT provides an optimal solution to meet your business’s needs
Microsoft uniquely delivers the Cloud OS as a consistent and comprehensive set of capabilities across your datacentre, Microsoft Azure or a partner’s datacentre to support the world’s apps and data anywhere. Windows Server 2012 is at the heart of the Cloud OS and delivers on the promises of a modern data centre to bring you the economics, agility and innovation of cloud both on your premises and off. Let us take you on journey on how Windows Server 2012 and System Center can deliver hybrid IT.


Learn how Windows Server 2012 takes you beyond virtualisation by cloud optimising your IT.


Learn how Windows Server 2012 helps transform your datacentre to improve agility and efficiency.